Create a watermark

Visual Watermark is a program which allows you to create a watermark easily, quickly and without spending a fortune on it. It is available at www.visualwatermark.com, where you can download it for free and test it for a month, or you may buy a full version with a 30-days-money-back warranty. Putting a watermark on your digital visual works is a way of signing what’s yours and promoting it in the Internet. To create a watermark you don’t need much really – Visual Watermark is just a proper watermark creator: it is intuitive and convenient, and enables you using built-in watermarks or creating your own watermark based on your materials or the ones provided by the software. To make a watermark out of your graphics you need preferably your brand logo or your signature, or a characteristic icon that serves as your company’s emblem. You can also combine them and create more elaborate watermark. If you don’t have such materials, don’t worry - Visual Watermark provides its users with multiple fonts, font styles, icons, templates and various effects. You can adjust size, position, opacity, shadows and background. At your disposal there are 260 different fonts, 100 levels of transparency, and 60 visual effects, so you don’t have to scroll the whole Internet to look for inspirations. There is also a possibility of inserting an anti-automated watermark removal solution which prevents complex algorithms from recognizing watermarks and removing them from your pictures and videos. Download Visual Watermark and you’re only a few clicks away from making your own watermark. What’s more, once created watermark can be saved as a template and used again in different digital materials. The software is also faster than most of online watermark creators simply because... it’s offline. A slow Internet connection won’t stop your work! This has another advantage: Visual Watermark loads photos from your hard drive, so no one else has an access to your works. It is quick, simple and safe.

Visual Watermark
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