asbestos garage removal

Garages in UK where often built with materials containing asbestos because of its resistance to heat, electricity and flame, as well as its insulating qualities, durability and cheapness. Therefore you can find it in insulation boards, floor and ceiling tiles, lagging insulation, asbestos insulation board, piping and roofing material, drywall, corrugated sheets and so on, and so forth. If you have just moved to a new house with a garage and you are not sure whether some of the elements of your garage contain this noxious material, contact Blue A Ltd, a professional asbestos removal company to ensure that all the toxicity is removed from your garage in a safe and efficacious way. Their experts specialise in their core objective which is asbestos removal, but also disposal, testing and sampling.

Why you should bother with asbestos garage removal?

Although asbestos in garage may seem to be quite innocuous because people usually do not spend much time there, it is still dangerous, because not the time of exposure matter, but the sole exposure is harmless, since fibres of disturbed asbestos may become airborne and thus, without difficulty, enter one’s lungs. However, asbestos may not be easily recognizable; it is often hidden within the walls or in the roof of your garage, since you may even not know whether there is a possibility of having it in your place or not. Although it was banned officially in 1999, there might be some traces of this material in construction elements used in building your garage if it was erected prior to 2000. If this is the case, do not way and call a trained asbestos specialist to have your place inspected thoroughly.


Contacting a professional asbestos consultant

There is no need to panic, of course, since trained and certified companies like Blue A Ltd provide you with comprehensive services connected with asbestos removal varying from preparing management plan, through  surveying, sampling and testing in their high-tech laboratory to asbestos disposal. The company has long experience and all the necessary certificates and accreditations including HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractor Association) credential. Moreover, the company was awarded Quality Assurance Award by Asbestos Removal Contractor Association which is yet another proof of their faultless reputation and expertise in services associated with asbestos management performed in secure and effective way. Contact Blue A Ltd to learn the details of their offer.

Our asbestos services

  • Surveying
  • Testing
  • Sampling
  • Removal
  • Waste disposal
  • Air testing

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